Considering that leash training one dog is already quite challenging, is there any way you can ever walk two dogs at the same time? Especially two large breeds? Even those feisty toy breeds can be a monumental challenge to control together! If you’re a pet sitter watching multiple dogs, dog walking can become a nightmare if you don’t know how to walk your petsitting charges at the same time!

How do you walk a whole pack of dogs?

You Can Do It If The Dogs Get Along Well.

First though, pet sitters should make sure dogs are individually leash trained. Two dogs and two leashes can quickly become a tangled mess, not to mention a trip hazard for the dog walker on the pavement. When each dog is individually walking reliably on a loose leash, they can then be trained to walk together. This reduces dog walking time for pet sitters.

Dog walking with two pooches can be accomplished in more than one way. You can continue using separate leashes, which allows the dogs more freedom to sniff and move about. Or, you can train them on a coupler, which is two short leads that snap to each collar, with a ring in the middle that attaches the two leads to one leash.

Using a coupler is usually easier for the petsitter, but some dogs dislike couplers because being connected restricts their independent movement. Pet sitters must also ensure that the smallest of the pair doesn't just get dragged along by the larger dog when they decide to investigate a tree or a mailbox.

Introduce a coupler slowly, with short, initial walks of a few metres. As the dogs become used to the feel of being connected, gradually lengthen your walks.

The same is true when using two separate leashes. Start by walking for a short distance to make sure they remember their leash manners and understand that the rules still apply to them as a pair. Make sure you teach them some basic commands, such as “sit” and “wait” individually and together before going dog walking.

Petsitters often notice some interesting developments upon walking two dogs at the same time. The “you must be talking to that other dog” syndrome is common. Even the most obedient dog may ignore commands when being walked with another dog.

Even well-mannered dogs may compete with each other, suddenly pulling on the lead to try and reach that interesting smell first. The best way for a dog walker to respond is to stop dead in your tracks as soon as the leash goes taut.

Remember too that this can be a physical challenge - two dogs can be very strong and not everyone can handle them without being pulled along! This is especially true for larger, stronger dog breeds such as German Shepherds, Labradors and Rottweilers. When you're petsitting, it may be best to avoid walking dogs together until you know they get along well together. Additionally, if you don't have the strength to hang on two strong dogs, it might be safer to stick to dog walking one at a time. At PetHomeStay, we don't recommend hosting more than 2 dogs at a time, because it can become messy trying to walk them at the same time!