Pet stains can be tricky. Here are some common household products that can help prevent your puppy from going back to the same spot again and again.

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If you read our previous post on pet stains, new pet lovers and local pet sitters of PetHomeStay would know that the reason why your puppy or adult dog likes to go back and pee on the same spot, time and time again, is because of the dog's scent. Once he makes a mess in the house and the area is not properly cleaned, the pup will be drawn to that same spot.
As pet lovers and local pet sitters may recall, the use of an enzyme product is the answer here because it will destroy the material that causes the odor. Use the enzyme product according to the directions on the bottle. Most of these products have little or no scent and will not stain your carpet.
Here are some additional tips from PetHomeStay for cleaning up potty accidents, the right way:
1) Never use ammonia. Urine contains ammonia, so the chemical will keep attracting your dog to the spot. Bleach is a better cleaner, but rinse it well. Be sure to use color-safe bleach on certain areas.
2) White vinegar is a good odor remover if you don't have any professional cleaners on hand; use one-quarter cup to a quarter of water. Start out conservatively and add more if needed.
3) Salt will absorb fresh urine and remove some of the scent. Try to get to it fast.
4) If in a pinch, rubbing the area with a dryer sheet can remove some of the odor.
5) Baking soda works well if you have some on hand. Rubbed into a urine stain it can remove some of the odor.
6) If the urine scent on your wooden floor won't come out, consider painting or sealing it. Unfortunately, wood flooring can be a bit tough, if not impossible, to get dog stains out.
7) A peroxide-and-water solution will help get rid of carpet stains. Experiment with various strengths of the solution.
8) White toothpaste can get some tough stains out of carpets.
9) And of course, if the stains are too bad and nothing seems to help, call a professional carpet cleaner. They have the heavy-duty cleaning machinery needed to really dig into the stain and extract as much of it as possible, more than you or I could ever do by hand.
In the end, don't fret if your dog leaves a spot or two on the carpet. It happens, especially to new pet lovers and their starter puppies coming home. A few simple products and a little bit of elbow grease will get them out. Your best bet for having a clean floor is to get your puppy outside to his potty spot before he squats. An ounce of prevention is worth 10 rolls of wall-to-wall carpet!

Is there any other common household product you find effective in removing pet stains? Let us know in the comments!