We know cleaning pet stains can be tough, but here’s a simple tip that’ll go a long way.

Credit: Stacey MacNaught
We’re sure that most pet lovers have had this experience before. The introduction of a pet into the family is always very exciting! If you are one of our PetHomeStay local pet sitters, the sheer excitement can cause your new guest to make a mess on the carpet. Here at PetHomeStay, we understand that cleaning up that mess off the carpet can be tricky, so perhaps this tip might be able to help out our local pet sitters and new pet lovers alike.

The first thing to understand is not to blame the dog. Being in a new environment is very exciting for the little pup. However the spot left by the dog will hold the potty scent, and this would draw it there again and again for another bathroom break when it feels the urge.
The Proper Way To Clean Up Puppy Accidents
The first thing to do when there's a potty accident is to clean it up as best possible. With urine, blot up as much of the liquid as you can with paper towels. With feces, pick it up gently without further rubbing it into the floor. Do not grab your household carpet cleaner; it won't work on this kind of stain.
Regular household detergents and cleaners don't help with cleaning up after accidents because the scent always remains, which encourages the puppy or even other dogs to reuse the same area over and over again.
There are a few spray cleaners available specifically for pet cleanup that contain odor and stain removers. They are excellent for small accidents. There are also products that contain enzymes that naturally break down the chemicals in the waste and eradicates any odors.
These products are effective, though it's important not to use other cleaners before the enzyme product. Use these products thoroughly because dog noses are many times more sensitive than our own.
Cleaning accidents properly with an enzyme product solution will dramatically reduce the time it takes to housetrain your dog because he won't be drawn back to the same areas. Enzyme solutions “digest” the organic material in the carpet or wood to eliminate the odor.
If you do not use an enzyme product, your dog will likely be drawn back to use the same spot again. Sometimes you may want to try using a black light because you can use it to see soiled areas that you can't see with the naked eye.

Now that you pet lovers know how to remove tough stains from your carpet, become a local pet sitter today and sign up at PetHomeStay.

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