Finding a reputable breeder is important for new dog seekers. The breeder will determine the health and temperament of your puppy and define the rest of the your dog’s life with you.

Credit: Greg Westfall
If any pet lovers are thinking about getting a specific purebred puppy, the best route is to go to a professional breeder.  And if you want to make sure that the purebred puppy is in great health, has a sound temperament, and one that will match with your personality, lifestyle and ability to provide appropriate pet care, then you need to find an honest and knowledgeable breeder, one that will help you find that perfect puppy.
The Importance Of Finding The Right Breeder
Nowadays, finding a reputable breeder is not as easy as it used to be.  Many self-proclaimed breeders are nothing more than regular dog owners practicing “backyard breeding”. Many of these backyard breeders lack proper knowledge in pet care, history, and understanding of the breed, other than the one that they own.
Therefore, as pet lovers you need to do thorough research and find a legitimate breeder, one who is also honest and well educated about specific dog breeds. A reputable breeder should be able to give you pertinent information about his puppies, as well as answer questions you may have regarding the breed, even after you have purchased the puppy. Most importantly, a reputable breeder should have genuine interest and love for their dogs.
One advantage of going to a breeder is that they have first-hand experience and wisdom in providing optimal pet care to that specific dog breed. These are important factors that he can pass down to you which will help you raise a healthy and happy dog. Reliable breeders are concerned about many aspects of their dogs, with health being number one.
A reputable breeder's top priority is to make sure that his puppies are free of genetic diseases that are common and dangerous to that specific breed. For instance, a breeder of Labrador retrievers should test their puppies for, at the least, diseases and disorders that are common with the breed, such as developmental diseases of the bone and joint, retinal dysplasia, and tricuspid dysplasia.

It is recommended that you visit the place where the puppy was born too to see if the breeder is providing a good standard of living for the puppies and the parents.

If the breeder of your choice ticks all these boxes, then it is likely that the dog or puppy will be in great health with a sound temperament.