With summer on the way, people love taking their dogs out to the park to join in the fun.

Here are a couple of handy tips to make it go well:
  • Make sure the area where you are planning to hold the party is an off leash area, as regulations can change at different times of the year.

  • Encourage all pet owners to bring what they need for the day but make sure you have extra water and spare bowls. A shady area that can be shared by pets and people, spare poo bags and stakes that people can use to tie their dog’s leash to will also be appreciated.

  • It can be a good idea to make it clear to other park users that there is a party in progress by hanging banners in the trees or something similar. If in doubt, check with your Council if there are any special requirements.

  • It can be fun to dress up your pet for a Christmas party. Tinsel or baubles temporarily attached to a dog’s collar are fine and many dogs won’t mind humouring their owners by dressing up in reindeer antlers for a short time, but your dog will generally prefer the “less is more” approach to Christmas finery.

  • Parties are all about fun so make sure there are healthy treats for well behaved dogs. Some parties even organize for Santa to drop in with presents and treats.

  • Make sure there are plenty of activities to keep dogs busy. You can organize games such as the ‘11 legged race’ (a three legged race with owners accompanied by their dogs) or competitions for dogs such as ‘the waggiest tail’.

  • At the end of the party, make sure the area is clean and ready to be enjoyed by other park users.

Have a great summer everyone!