Last night, PetHomeStay held their first Melbourne MeetUp event. Hosted by founder and CEO Tom LeGrice, local hosts, interested users and animal lovers were given an opportunity to discuss their pet sitting experiences and how PetHomeStay’s service is becoming a better option for the local community. 

Also taking a chance to present PetHomeStay’s newly launched website, Tom introduced some updated features which include:

  • Mobile friendly ‘My Account’ areas for increased accessibility,

  • A 'Click to Talk' feature which speeds up host and user dialogue on the website, and 

  • An upcoming improvement to the search function, which focuses on connecting the right Host with the right Guest each and every time.

Committed to providing increased flexibility, while allowing for an easier experience for both new and existing hosts as well as customers; Tom outlined PetHomeStay’s benchmark capabilities. 

“PetHomeStay is all about helping people find a better option in the local pet sitting market, so we felt it was really important to create a forum where members could offer their feedback and where we could explain our business developments firsthand. We think our new website features will be much more convenient for both hosts and guests, while also allowing for an easier and more personal experience when using PetHomeStay."

- Ends - 

About PetHomeStay:

Founded in 2012, PetHomeStay is a friendly and easy-to-use pet sitting service. Designed to connect pet owners with trusted pet sitters across Australia, we offer 24/7 personalised care for your loved animals, whether for a long term holiday or just a day or two. Part of the sharing economy movement, our local approach is safe, flexible and proven: providing a better option for you and most importantly, your pets.

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