We are very proud to announce that PetHomeStay.com is now live in beta!
This means that we are actively able to take PetHomeStay Host listings, and help people find a PetHomeStay near them with one click!

We invite you to check out the site, register your PetHomeStay Host listing, and let us know what you think. It is a bit rough and ready around the edges, but hey, there were so many directions we wanted to go in and not that much time, so we felt it best for our users to tell us what additional features they wanted to see first.
I will create another blog post specifically for what features we are working on and will be rolling out, as well as any bug-fixes we/ you find and are trying to fix.
Make sure you keep in touch with us via this blog, Facebook or Twitter, and we look forward to connecting you with other pet lovers at PetHomeStay soon!