Grooming your dog or puppy should be a weekly affair, and often daily to provide better care for their hygiene and wellbeing.

Bathing is a crucial grooming habit which every dog owner must adhere to. It doesn't matter what breed of dog or what coat type – every dog needs a thorough wash on a regular basis.

Despite what the experts say, we personally believe that dogs really do like to be clean and it always seems like a better option for all when they are. Every time dogs are given a bath, they’re obviosuly more happy and appreciate how much you care about them.

You can tell once you are done as they run, frolic, play, and in general have a blast after getting all clean. Besides, you will enjoy working with your dog more if your hand isn't stinky or dirty every time you give it a pat!

How Often Should You Give Your Dog A Bath?

That said, how often you bathe your dog will depend on its environment and obviously on how flexible your lifestyle is. Are they an inside dog or an outside dog? Do they get dirty eating? Do they have an odour?

A dog's skin and fur vary from breed to breed just like human skin! So if they smell, then definitely give the pooch a bath. If they’re an outside dog, then the weather and parasites will have something to decide in the matter as well.

What Is The Easiest Way To Bathe A Dog?

It's always more easy to use the bathtub to wash your dog because the water can be warm and they will be able to get a full soak.

Things you need in the tub:

1) Rubber anti-slip mat.
2) Spray attachment for faucet or shower head.
3) Shampoo

When you shampoo your dog it can be helpful to mix some water and shampoo in a separate bottle just for that bathing. It goes into the coat easier that way and comes out better. After the scrub, have a heavy towel or rug on the floor and dry him with big towel. Let him go directly out to a grassy area to shake.

How Do You Get A Dog To Enjoy Being Washed?

If you get your pet as a puppy, the sooner you teach him that they will get a bath the better. The goal is to help the pup to grow into a dog that knows when to stay in the tub and how to help you by getting out when the bath is over. Give the dog a treat after a bath as well to make it a more pleasant experience.