PetHomeStay is being initially released as a beta site!

This means that while we have completed a lot of the main features of the site,it is still a bit of a baby, and there still may be a couple of things that don’t look so flash.

We have spent the majority of time (and money!) up to this point focusing on the main ‘bones’ of the site, like the listings, maps and feedback loops, and a couple of the bells and whistles that we are aiming to have soon aren’t quite there yet. It was more important to us to have the system working properly than how it looked.

Don’t worry about the security or integrity of the site though – your details and information are a very high priority to us and we have still taken extra care of these components.

It is really important to us that people understand a couple of things:
  1. You may find things that might not work perfectly- this is all part of being in a beta, so feedback to us on what needs to be changed. The more feedback the better! Click on any Contact button on the site or email

  2. We are small but growing – any community takes time to build. If there are no listings near you, and you want to help others with pets in your neighbourhood, why not register, and tell your friends and family to as well. It’s free!

  3. We love constructive criticism - feedback to us on what is working for you, and what isn’t, so we can focus on what users want

    Please drop us a line a and let us know 
    before posting on your blog

  4. Things will change often – as we get feedback or an idea of how things should work, we will change it on the site. So if something isn’t to your liking, why not come back in a week or two and check us out again? Chances are we will have tried to do something about it, especially if you have given us feedback on it.

So, please explore the site, help other pet lovers, list your PetHomeStay, and get involved in making owning pets fun & easy again.

Remember, we charge NOTHING for people to use the site, and we take no commission from the listings either!