We have had some pretty strong feedback here at PetHomeStay that one of the most important things is for Hosts to be responsive to email requests.
It is frustrating for Guests when they don't get a response when they ask for help, and it reflects poorly on the rest of the community and the great Hosts out there.
From today, we will monitor and deactivate old and unresponsive Host Listings. This will not delete the Host Listing, however it will remove it from Guest Searches and will not be available for enquiries.
We will base this on a few key factors:
  • Replying to Guest Messages We will monitor if a Host chooses to reply to a message via PetHomeStay, and if a subsequent booking is made. Our House Rules state that Messages must be responded to within the PetHomeStay system (If a Host receives a message, and takes a booking outside of the system, that is against our House Rules in any case.)
  • Recent Log-Ins - We will use the last time a Host logged into PetHomeStay.com to assess if they are active or not.
  • Updating of Calendar - We will be rolling out a Calendar feature shortly, which Hosts will be encouraged to keep up to date. We are going to monitor usage of the Calendar and use this to assess if Hots are active or not.
We will try to contact any Hosts before deactivating their listing to check that they are still happy to receive enquiries, and want to remain active within the PetHomeStay Community.
Please let us know if you have any queries, we will be happy to answer them in the comments below.