We wanted to give you a first look at some new features that are coming up, and ask if there are any other new features that you want to see incorporated, or maybe things that just are not quite right in the existing site.
A big part of the focus of this update was to help reduce the number of enquiries that Guests had to make to find an available Host, and increase the chances of them finding a great host the first time round.
New Features Coming Up Are:-
Calendar - Hosts will be able to select what dates they are available or not, and these days will also be automatically tagged when a Host is booked via our system.
Guest Search on Dates - A Guest will now be able to search on dates and location together, and so they will see only those Hosts who have an available calendar. This will cut down on unneccessary enquiries and save time for everyone!
Cancellation Options - Guests will be able to cancel any booked HomeStay from directly inside their My Account page, which will automatically calculate fees and kick off the refund process. The Host will be automatically notified and paid any cancellation fees. Hosts will have the ability to cancel via their My Account screen. 
Response Score - Each HomeStay listing will have a Response Score publicly available, which will show how quickly or slowly on average the Host will respond to Guest enquiries or bookings. The Listing screen will also be edited to show those with high response scores first, rather than on distance alone, therfore rewarding those Hosts that communicate quickly with Guests!
Better My Account Area - simplified navigation, messaging, and finding of bookings or messages.
Simplified Emails - new and better laid-out email information inside the booking and enquiry process.
Better Filters on Search - so that Guests can find the right Host quicker and easier.
There will also be a major new announcement around Pet Insurance in the next week. Stay tuned!
Let us know any other features or things that you think need changing below - we love your feedback :)