We hope you will like the new PetHomeStay site. Its got some great new features like
Archiving all the messages between Pet Owners and Hosts,
Being able to ask as many messages as you like between each other
A payment and cancellation system so that both Owners and Hosts know where they stand.
 $10m public liability insurance for any bookings delivered via PetHomeStay!
We are also incredibly proud to be able to offer PetHomeStay members the insurance facility - it is really important, as public liability cover is a legal requirement for anybody looking after pets for money, and it removes a lot of the worry away from our Hosts when they look after other peoples pets.
We dont have pet accident insurance (ie vet or medical cover, for either Owner or Host pets) just yet, but we are working on it on behalf of the members. Stay tuned on that one!
We will comment some more on the new features tomorrow but have a look around, if you find any bugs or things that dont look right, or have any comments in general, please let us know!
thanks for being an awesome community of pet lovers!
ps - sorry the look is still the same, I am really bored of that retriever as well, but we just had to get the other stuff out there first! We will change that soon!