Did you know over 95% of puppies sold in pet shops come from puppy farms? And that a huge number of puppies are bred in Australia for overseas export, because Australia is considered a ‘humane’ country where puppies are bred and raised correctly?

I was proud to attend the Oscars Law rally yesterday and stand with other pet lovers for the need to change our rules around how we breed, keep and sell companion animals.

It was pretty harrowing to hear about some of the rescues which the RSPCA, and other charity organisations have made on these puppy farms, and the barbaric conditions which they are kept under.
Hopefully the continued pressure will make a difference on the politicians who make the laws and the agencies which have to enforce them. There seems to be a real issue in the intent to which current laws are used – apparently there is legislation around puppy farms, however there seems to be little or no will to use those powers to convict or budget to enforce them. Not one puppy farm has been discontinued since legislation was introduced over 2 years ago. Not one shop closed down for selling puppies raised on puppy farms.
It was fantastic to see so many people and dogs making their voices heard, and meeting with some of the passionate people during and after the event. I also got a chance to speak to a few of the charities represented at the event such as the RSPCA, Shi Tsu Rescue, Pug Rescue, the Lort Smith Hospital, the Lost Dogs Home, and others. Truly determined and passionate people.
One thing was clear amongst everyone – that the only way to stop the puppy farms is to educate the public on the need to not buy animals via the internet, or from pet shops. No demand means no puppy farms.
Did you go to the Rally? What did you think? Are you going to think twice about where you get your next pet from?